Kovacevic on Geopolitics

Finis mundi?

Recently, the minister of foreign affairs of Montenegro, Igor Lukšić, enthusiastically stated that 2014 was “one more year very significant in achieving the Montenegrin foreign policy priorities”. It would not surprise me if, among all the “achievements,” he also included the fact that, in November 2014, Montenegro abstained during the vote in the UN on the resolution against the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and all other forms of racism and racial discrimination.

It appears that, to Lukšić and his boss, the long-time prime minister Milo Djukanović, more important than the freedom-loving, anti-fascist history of Montenegro and all those who died in the fight against Nazism, was the opportunity to show (once again) how faithfully they stand at the service of the imperial centers of power and their long-term geopolitical aims: tighter military and economic control of Europe through the instigation of an intensive and dangerous conflict with Russia.

Namely, considering that this resolution was proposed by Russia, not a single one of the debtors, puppets, or useful idiots of these centers was allowed to give it support. The unfortunate abstention of the representatives of the EU member states underscored to what extent they can be considered autonomous from the current US foreign policy imperatives. To some, it may be shocking to hear that even the representative of Germany abstained during this vote. Could it be that those thousands of US soldiers still on the German soil, even though the WWII was over seventy years ago, have something to do with the horizon of the German foreign policy moves, including this one? Still, there are some voices of resistance and rebellion against the geopolitical status quo even within the German Bundestag, as is confirmed by the speeches of Sahra Wagenknecht, the Bundestag member of die Linke.

However, Israel (one of the key US allies) did not abstain but voted in support of the resolution, knowing well that all measures must be taken against the resurgence of fascist and neo-Nazi movements in Europe and that all allies in this effort are to be welcome. Serbia also voted for the resolution, even though it is, just like Montenegro, an EU candidate. This exposed the shaky grounds of Lukšić’ claim that Montenegro abstained because it had to adjust its foreign policy to that of the EU. And, besides, every time the EU demands some action that goes against the interests of the Montenegrin ruling elite and is in favor of more transparent and democratic policy decisions, both Lukšić and Djukanović are quick to point to the issue of “national sovereignty” and that “each country must be allowed to order its internal matters as it sees fit”.

It is clear that in their interpretation, the sovereignty of Montenegro means that their existing corrupt political, economic, and foreign policy monopolies must be left intact. This open hijacking of sovereignty is not only an act against the Montenegrin constitution, but is also extremely dangerous, especially as there is a darkening shadow of a wider violent conflict appearing in the Europe’s East.

If we take into consideration the recent resolutions of the US Congress, it seems that it will be almost impossible to reach a rational and mutually beneficial long-term agreement with Russia and its allies from the BRICS group about the establishment of a harmonious world order based on trust, cooperation, and solidarity. In these resolutions, Russia is unequivocally treated as an aggressor, the sanctions are to be stiffened, and more logistical, financial and even military assistance is to be directed to Ukraine and other ex-USSR states. The resolutions also provide for the financing of the anti-Russian viewpoints in the media and the promotion of neoliberal conceptions of social and economic relations. What is also demanded is the quick privatization of the Ukrainian natural and industrial resources, which goes a long way to reveal the true and perfidious essence not only of the Ukrainian, but also of every other civil war: the primitive accumulation of capital.

Could it be that in some well hidden office of the coordinated Atlanticist secret services, some “incident” is being planned to be used as a trigger for a wider war? Perhaps something that could provoke the full invasion of the Russian troops into Ukraine. Nuclear weapons is already being placed on high alert. The key components of the NATO missile shield are being installed near Russian borders, as was so fervently campaigned for by ex-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen who has since become a well-paid consultant-lobbyist for the global military-industrial complex. NATO is forming a rapid reaction force and is running large-scale exercises all over Europe almost every day of the year. Just as Orwell wrote, peace becomes war and truth becomes lie. Thanks to the activities of Lukšić and Djukanović, Montenegro is also being pushed onto the war train heading for the Eastern front. It is therefore high time to energize the civic peace movement for military neutrality.

And so, there is no doubt that the Hegelian owl of wisdom has already taken flight, but will the wise have the chance to turn back the tide of ominous events? Or, is it already here, finis mundi, the end of the world?

Translated by the author. Originally published in the daily newspaper Vijesti on December 22, 2014.

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